Much Love Monday: Rome in Bokeh

I wanted to edit the video above like I did my other bokeh video, with pretty music, deduct the background noise, and my nervous held at the camera. iMovie wasn't working as I wanted, but glad it wasn't- this video is completely organic and shows you one of my favorite corners of Rome, The Bernini. Unlike the other video, it lacks anything serene about it. It's loud, lively, and electrifying. Unlike living in Southern California, as busy as it gets, there's something about the excitement of Rome that I can't exactly describe. Maybe I was in a food coma and my lack of perception is blinding, but I have yet to find a reason to not return to Rome. {Lensbaby Kit for the bokeh effect.}

{Much Love Monday is an online photo project started by Anna, from Much Love Anna. It's open to everyone. If you'd like to participate, click here for more details.}