Madonna Inn 2012

A few weeks ago Scott's family had a family reunion at the Madonna Inn. Just like his family, the hotel was fun, atypical and eclectic. The hotel rooms were specTACKYular (har har) but I had so much fun, I want to go back again. The pool and spa looked amazing, I was a little sad I didn't think to bring a bathing suit.

This is picture heavy, click on "read more" if you're not reading from a direct link.

The Crystal Suite
The Crystal Suite_1 @ The Madonna Inn
The Crystal Suite Bathroom @ The Madonna Inn
The Crystal Room @ The Madonna Inn
Pretty napkins
Madonna Inn Napkins

Floral Fantasy Room. We had this room, and it may look like an eyesore, but I love pink, it was a more eyecandy!
Floral Fantasy_3 Bedroom @ The Madonna Inn

The bathroom

Floral Fantasy Bathroom.gif

Floral Fantasy_2 @ The Madonna Inn

Floral Fantasy Room_3 @ The Madonna Inn

Floral Fantasy Room @ The Madonna Inn_1

Floral Fantasy Morning

Floral Fantasy Door Rooms @ The Madonna Inn

The bathroom in the What's Left room
Bathroom in the What's Left Room @ The Madonna Inn

There was even a pink bicycle rack!
Pink Bicycle Rack @ The Madonna Innn

Has anyone else visited? What room did you visit? What spa services do you recommend I get next time? Seriously kicking myself for not trying out spa and pool!