Gus Goes to Rome

Gus is a little gnome, who's had a few adventures the past year. Cesar, of The Dead Format is nice enough to let him see the world, one blogger at a time. Gus has been to Las Vegas, France, Norway, San Francisco, Spain, Amsterdam, and Greece. I'm really happy I had to take him to see Rome.

Here is Gus at the Spanish Steps.
Gus_Spanish Steps

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Gus, with Lubitel

They became BFF's

Gus at the Colosseum. He almost fell with the lost Gladiators below but luckily a concerned tour guide caught him by his tall hat.
gus_The Colosseum

Gus_The Colosseum2

He claims to know the director from the movie. Riiiiiiiiight, whatever you say, Gus.
Gnomeo & Giulietta

In between crowds, he hung out wrapped in a tshirt in his favorite tote bag to be safe

Gus also went to the Trevi Fountain and made a wish. I think he wished for a Gnomette.


For being a gnome, Gus ate and drank a lot.


Gus had a blast and was a little nosy at times

Photo on 2011-03-25 at 20.36

Gus came home to Cesar in Orange County. You can read about his worldly adventures here. You can read Cesar's blog here.