Book Club, part deux

The Slow Readers Book Club

{if you're not familiar with the book club, read about it here}

It's June and our last post and overall activity was in March. Why so much slower than usual? Well, it's been a busy Spring for the admins*. If one of us is busy, then at least the other won't be. It was either finals, work overload, job hunting, house hunting, traveling, graduating, and everything in between that had the book club be set on the bottom of the to-do list. Now, we're more available, a little more in sync, have come back with a new fresh start, new format, and new platform to share.

Last time we had an open forum for questions come in to Justin Kramon, our last author from the book Finny. Sadly, we didn't have too many questions and the questions we did receive are answered on his website. I don't want to waste Mr. Kramon's time, but I do know the overall feedback for the book was successful.

Ok, so onto our new platform! We were on Lefora, and bless their hearts, they did a great job hosting the book news, however, it was a bit of mess trying to organize 400+ people, and keeping them informed. It's a bit overwhelming and we've moved onto a closed** Facebook Groups. A part of me is cringing at this idea, I'll admit, only because I'm not a fan of Facebook. The other part is a bit relieved at how user friendly the platform is. We don't want anyone to feel left out, but we'd love all of you to join us here. We also have a Twitter account to inform you if you're not ready to join the other side ;)

Thanks for your patience and see you there! we'll be announcing the new book tomorrow xx

*the lovely admin consists of anna, aline, carly, christina, and gabbi !

**the group is open to everyone, but will be closed to lurkers. last time we had an opened group we had a pervy fella messaging the members. creepy! let's not have that again, shall we?