Not The Sartorialist

There were so many well dressed people in Rome, I couldn't get my camera quick enough to snap photos of the people running through the streets.  Men caught my eye the most- they were tailored, minimal, and they had something unorthodox about their dressing. I loved Rome's wardrobe- I felt right at home with my oxford shirts and pencil skirts. The outfits in Rome weren't glamourous all the time, but they were stylish. I arrived back in the States on Saturday, and I felt a little sad (and left out) in a sea of wrinkled tshirts, stained sweat pants, and streaked tans after a visit to a restaurant. I knew I was back in California.

I loved this man's outfit. He's even carrying a cane.


a closer look at the shoes!

He had the best hair, and I loved his skinny pants with a suit


He was on my tour to The Catacombs, he was bored out of his mind, but at least looked good doing it.


Even the Swiss Guards at the Vatican were stylish

swiss guard

I've been on the lookout for this backpack for months and finally found it...on someone else