Diana Mini JIYU Freedom Camera

After much personal debate, I finally bought the Diana Mini. The Lomography 35mm Back

 back for my Diana F+ camera was cumbersome, awkward, and bulky. Instead of feeling excited to take it out to play, all I did was protest; I didn't want to use it at all. I'm pro 35mm film over 120, it's cheaper to develop!  After months of admiring Katrina's, Liss', Rhianne's, and Elle's Diana Mini, I finally decided to purchase one from Lomography. What swayed me after almost a year of being released is a percentage of the camera goes to the Japan Relief Fund. Plus, it's a beautiful camera! I can't wait to bring it out.

Diana Mini JIYU - Freedom
Diana Mini JIYU - Freedom
Diana Mini for Japan
Diana Mini Book

I'll be taking this to Canada with me next month. Can't wait to show you!