Why I Read Your Blogs in Email

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I was going to do a tutorial for adding your email to Feedburner, but after attempting to test out various email clients such as mailchimp, it was a project I really can't handle right now to be completely honest. I'm leaving for Japan for three weeks in a few days, and I'm a little crazy with priorities. HOWEVER! I do want your blog to have email subscriptions, so I will list the benefits of subscribing to email. Also, I will refer the tutorials here for installation. This is the easiest one I found, and the same one I used when I incorporated my Feedburner to email.

I love reading blogs in emails. I still use Google Reader, but if email is an option, I'm 50% more likely to subscribe (if I don't already in RSS). The benefits of email subscription? Oh, there's many.

*I love Google Reader, but it can be overwhelming. Especially thanks to people like me, who like to overshare. Totally not apologizing for sharing awesome stuff on the internet. I can't help it! I use GR strictly for the sharing benefits.

*Getting a blog in your email is different than getting clutter. When I sign up for a subscription, I'm already familiar with the blog. That subscription is an agreement for a blog to pop up in my busy inbox already (or you can start a new email like a friend has). I filter my blogs to go to one folder in Gmail, under settings, and read the folder when I can.

*During my busy, mundane days, a blog that pops up during the day makes my day sweeter. I appreciate the little things and when my favorite blogs come up with a new post, that mini break makes me appreciate it more.

*I love bloglovin', too but in all honesty, sometimes it takes forever for a blog post to load. I work from home, constantly using my Internet. Having multiple tabs open is more distracting to my work.

*No music blaring from their blog (you know who you are).

*I'm more likely to actually read. I know some of you are quickly browsing this because there are other tons of wonderful blogs to go through, and that's okay. I like to subscribe to blogs that take more time to read. Not only can I read it but I have the option of printing it if it's a great article (lots of printed ones from Zen Habits).

Those are the benefits for me. I know everyone is different when it comes to blog reading, and that's okay. Everyone has a system and I'm glad to share mine. Let me know what format you follow and why.

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