What's in My Bag, Favorite Travel Gadgets

(There are a lot of 'what's in my bag' posts going around the internet and after some thought, I'm pretty sure I can count this as one after realizing it won't be much of a change when I travel from what I carry at home.)

These are years of gadgets collected. This is a 16 hour flight, and I'm packing my favorites.

Kindle. I wonder how many books I'll start and not finish...

Apple iPod classic. Sure there's the iPod Touch, but one of the reasons I loved the iPod is to not carry a ton of CD's when I travel like the olden days.

Iomega eGo Compact Portable Hard Drive . Like some girls carry their lipstick with them all the time, I have my trusty hard dive at all times. It fits in my pocket, and sturdier than any gadget I own

Canon PowerShot. I'll be taking my DSLR but for those quick window seat shots, I love this one.

GRID-IT Organizer. I saw this on Katie's blog, and I had to grab one. It really does organize everything and so far the elastic hasn't stretched out like I thought it would.

Samsung Galaxy S 4G. It's not an international phone but good to know Google Voice will work with WiFi.

American Apparel Circle Scarf. I don't count this as a just scarf. It's a blanket, a pillow, a hooded scarf, a few dress if my luggage ever gets lost, and a cowl scarf. Linus van Pelt, be jealous.

External Battery pack. Hello, more hours of Netflix. It can give hours to anything through USB charging since an outlet won't be available.

Nintendo DS and games. I'm going to be in up in the air in a very large piece of metal being held up by an engine designed by man. I need something to distract me from that heart racing thought.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones. Starbucks or the plane, these are the best. My theory on owning electronics is to purchase the best (not exactly the latest) when it comes to something I'll be using everyday. It's a waste of money if I test out others when I could just buy the best ones and have them last for years.

Apple iPad Tablet. I love my iPad, and if I have the benefit of holding this instead of a heavy laptop, I'm in.

MBP. I have to work while I'm on vacation. My boss is reading this, so yay?

It may seem like a lot, but everything fits perfectly in my Fjallraven backpack with room to spare!

I may not own that many clothes or shoes, but my (fiscal) heart will always go to a shiny new apparatus. ♥