Hello, Rome.

Change of plans for my trip. We're going to Rome instead of Tokyo. I wouldn't be going to Japan as a volunteer but as a tourist; it's not the right time to go. I have a gift (or curse?) of empathy and as much as I feel for Japan, I know I could only do so much. If you're a fan of sports, are in OC and want to donate, Eric is having a great contest to help Japan relief.

It's a bittersweet trip, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to basically put my finger on a spinning globe, and Rome is what we chose. I'll be away but I have some sweet guest posts!

This is my first time to Rome, but according to these photos, it really looks amazing.

The Streets of Rome

by Ashley

by Cadie


by Helen

Rome by Clare

by Clare

I have to brush up on my Italian (or some Italian!) and European history. As of now, our itinerary is completely open. We'd love to hear suggestions on places to eat, visit, sight see, etc.