Going to Japan Part 2

Earlier this year, I had the blessing of being absolutely spoiled by some very good friends, online and off. I haven't been able to use the treats from LUSH because my stitches needed to heal for a couple months. By the time I leave for my trip, I'll be fully recovered. Everything from soaps, body washes, to sunscreen is packed! Lush is one of my favorite brands to beautify yourself and this gift was perfect.

The gifts I received came in handy for this trip. I wish I could take all of it, but I'm packing what I need.  If you don't want to take liquids for the trip (and after a very sad Tarte foundation bursts in your bag, even in a Ziploc, you learn your lesson), I want to take solid toiletries. Trichomania Solid Shampoo is a great shampoo for dry, thick, curly hair. It's so rich and creamy, I don't have to use conditioner. Solid hair care saves me space and money.

For makeup, I'm being realistic and wearing what I wear everyday- foundation, mascara, eyeliner, concealer (Time Balm isn't organic but I've been using it for years and can't give this up yet), a couple swipes of Tarte lip stain, and polish (and Sephora has TSA friendly size nail polish).

If I could grow my own berries and use them as natural lip stain, I would. Tarte lip stain is as close as it comes to natural on the market. They last a long time, they feel better than lipstick, and when it wears off at the end of the day, it leaves lips moisturized.

I'm really happy with Korres makeup. I love Bare Minerals, but there was something in the product that irritated my skin.

Do you have any travel tips for packing makeup? I'm totally open to suggestions! Thanks for the last suggestions. I'll put them to good use.