Going to Japan Part 1

On the Plane

When I went on my honeymoon to NYC 3 years ago, I wasted a morning getting ready, trying to figure out what to wear. We were late to everything all because I underpacked. I was a new bride, new to travel, and wanted to impress my new groom. I only packed unnecessary items but forgot the basics. I ended up shopping on my trip, but instead of buying awesome stuff, I had to buy stuff I already had at home.

When I went to NYC/DC last year for 10 days, I overpacked. I had an overstuffed carry on, my phone cracked from everything being so tight. I packed the opposite of what I thought I learned from my honeymoon. I didn't let my wardrobe get to me, but in the back of my head, I thought of a couple items I wish I would have packed instead. I even forgot to pack a pretty dress to go out to a nicer dinner.

Flash forward to now. If you follow on twitter, you'll know I can't shut up about my trip to Japan. I'm leaving in about a week for a little over three weeks. It's the longest I'll be away from home to travel internationally. Learning from both trips, I know what works for me now. I no longer want to look inside my bag and think, "what will I wear today?" Everything I packed will go with everything, not having to thinking twice about it. REFRESHING.

(Confession: This is pretty much all I own. I purged my closet last year, and I also realized I like gadgets over fashion. I'm really ok with that.)

This wardrobe may look plain, but I have my brightly colored sleeve, and bright red hair to look anything but plain.

French Toast shirts. They are so cheap in pricing, great quality, wrinkle free, I bought a couple more for the trip in white and blue.

Saint James shirt. This is the ultimate striped boatneck. I went through so many alternatives to finally add up the money wasted, and it was more than this shirt. I gave in.

JCrew Chambray Shirt. This shirt is so comfortable I forget I'm wearing it with an uncomfortable bra.

Old Navy Black Jeggings. I love these so much, I got rid of my dark denim jeans. Black jeans go with everything I own. When these went on sale, I bought more than one, I cannot imagine my wardrobe surviving without them. They have some polyester, but not enough to make me stop wearing them. (Polyester makes me itchy. Gross.)

Kelly Moore Posey Camera Bag. The ultimate travel bag for a blogger. It carries your DSLR, and has pockets for more items (cameras, lenses, whatever).

Lands' Ends Skirts. Black, Navy and khaki. Comfortable and structured enough to dress up.

Gap Trench Coat. I feel like I'm in a Goddard film when I wear this.

Vans Palisades. Cheap enough to buy, but the comfort of Vans to wear and tear all over Tokyo.

Marais Black Flats. My version of the basic black flat.

Fred Perry Red Polo Dress. FAVE. I couldn't find this one on sale anymore, but I found a great alternative here.

Jcrew Black Cashmere Cardigan. I think every woman deserves this much comfort.

Samsonite Spinner. There's nothing less elegant than a woman struggling with too much luggage. This my version of the Berkin. Amazing and makes traveling smoother.

Kate Spade All Typed Up Clyde. I'm still debating on taking this. I love it because it's roomier than my Kelly Moore, and it may come in handy for longer day trips.

As for the pretty dress I'll be packing this time around? This beautiful Marimekko dress.


So, do you think I overpacked or underpacked? Any last minute packing tips you have? I'm totally open to them!