February Sponsor: MuchLoveIlly

yes, I realize this is already March but I'm also aware I'm such a great procrastinator. My apologies to Ilene.



Illene from muchloveilly can formulated as an ideal blogger. She's cute, fun, sweet, is new to blogging so her fresh outlook is contagious. She also has her own shop on etsy, handmaking headbands and jewelry.
She began her blog to keep in touch with friends that has expanded as an inspiration board to the blogesphere.

My name is Ilene. I love life and experiencing it to the fullest - but am also content to take it slow by lounging on the couch or watching movies. I love the color green, chunky heels, and coffee with lots of creamer. I'm also in love with my best friend, marrying him this summer!! My family means a lot to me, and they make me laugh like no one else can.

I worked as an office assistant and needed somewhere to exercise my creativity. One of my best friends encouraged for months to start etsy and so after visiting a Renegade fair, I went ahead and decided to make the big leap. I told myself I wouldn't know unless I tried. And now, I'm more than glad that I tried.



Ilene is offering a discount to readers: 15% off in her shop with discount code DIANAROCKS (how cool is that??)

UPDATE: Ilene is offering $20 credit to her etsy shop! Please fill out this form. JK, the giveaway is over! Thanks everyone for entering! Your info is safe with me :)