Ciao da Italia!

New birthday toy

Just a quick hello from Rome! I took my new birthday present, a Lubitel out to play yesterday. It's one of the most challenging cameras I've used, but one of my favorites so far.

I think it's really strange how I planned on going on a vacation where it was all gadgets, fast-pacing, busy metropolitan city in Tokyo. Due to harrowing circumstances, I ended up in a romantic, pastoral, and serene part of the world- Rome. There's no wifi in the city to distract me with Foursquare, Twitter, and blog reading. I'm still working when I get to my hotel in the evenings, but it's so nice to just relax, I almost forgot how to do it. I constantly have Tokyo on my mind, even if I never visited.

Thank you for the suggestions- our itinerary is full with delicious food, and historical views. Thank you to Avalonne, Sarah, Kamika, Cat, and Yellow Elm who suggested the Pantheon, here's a little video I made with the 8mm app. Wish you were all here!