Blogsitting: Down & Out Chic

Christina from Down and Out Chic has been a great blogsitter before, and I'm happy to have her again. If you're not familiar with Christina, her blog is a visual feast of design, fashion, art, a recognition to charity and non profit organizations, and she supports environmental-friendly companies. On a personal note, she's sort of like my fairy blogmother. I love Christina, and I hope you will, too.

Closet Visit (found via here), created by artist Jeanna Sohn, creates a visual story of a woman's most personal room in the house- her closet. Featuring creative women from all walks of life (i.e. screen writer, model, graphic designer, gallery owner), each post features a visual diary of beloved items as well as brief interviews discussing style muses, where one finds inspiration, favorite shops, treasured vintage items, etc.

Check out all of the women and their closets featured here.


Christina a.k.a. Down and Out Chic