Things My Cats Have Destroyed

American Apparel Lace Tee
American Apparel El Salvador Lace Tee. Luckily, it's still available and bought another one. 
Goosedown Feather Comforters
Goosedown Feather Comforters. Yep, 4 of them so far. 
MBMJ Classic Q Hillier Hobo Elec Violet
MBMJ Classic Q Hillier. 
Lesson learned: Cats like the texture of leather. I switched bags, left this one on the floor, and found it a few hours later ... as their new scratch pad. 
My Holga camera. It was on a stand, along with my other cameras, next to a windowsill. They used the Holga as their stand to jump on the windowsill, knocking it over, breaking the back of the plastic. Duct tape was a fail. 
Kate Spade Dress
Kate Spade Elyse Sketchpad Dress. Claws and silk do not mix. Thankfully, there was a huge sample sale last week and replaced it. 
Not pictured: black skinny jeans victimized during a territorial fight (Fable won), various pillows, what could be counted as a drawer full of chords and cables, a knocked over pink Christmas Tree, and that's all I can think of for now. 

Gatsby, Zelda, and Fable may be calm cats but every once in a while I'm reminded they are just animals.  All these items are tangible. They can be replaced by other materialistic bliss. My cats may act like kittens sometimes, but the love I have for them is irreplaceable. Tell me what favorite items your pets ruined.