Pop-tarts NYC

I don't know anyone who loves Pop-tarts as much as Lehua; this post is dedicated to her.


The Pop-tarts store is located in Times Square of NYC. It was really dark inside, and we weren't allowed to take photos with flash, sorry for the poor editing. For being kid-friendly, it looked mored like a bar. Loud music, "Pop-tenders" at the bar to serve Pop-tarts sushi, various flavored ice cream sundaes, and everything you can think the company can come up with to market the brand with food. The "bar" was a diabetic's nightmare, a delicious nightmare. There were also umbrellas, novelty food, recycled Pop-tart box totes, mugs, hooded sweatshirts, and any altered kind of item. They also served every type of flavored Pop-tart ever made, even the discontinued kind according to a "Pop-tender"




The Pop-tarts sushi was Pop-tarts filling wrapped in some sort of Fruit Roll Up (remember those?). It was good, but it was a lot of candy in one sitting for me.




If you love sweets, I wish I could recommend it, but it was closed down in January.  I was really hesitant to go, but how many times can I say I've tasted a Pop-tarts sushi?! Mark that off my list.