February Sponsors

I didn't get a chance to take new sponsors for January, I was a bit under the weather. Getting back on track, with some new sponsors, and some old favorites.

Supporting my sponsors is a connection to supporting me- my blog, my ideas, my content, the giveaways, all thanks to the small business' who believe in me. Thank you for support!

Mollie Johanson is the curator of Wild Olive, the blog and the shop. I loved Mollie's designs for quite some time. Last year I bought one of her designs, and I love the way it came out. Check it out here. I haven't embroidered in a really long time, but her designs are so cute, and easy to do, it makes me question why I even stopped.

There's another Molly, too! However, this Molly is the owner of ViviDot! I've grown to love Molly's work along with working with her on some cool new projects. Can't wait to show you what else we have coming up!

I'm happy to represent Much Love, Illy, the blog and shop by Ilene. She handmakes cute headbands for her business in her etsy shop and documents her life on her blog.

Rhianne likes to blog and take photos as a favorite hobby (correct me if I'm wrong, Rhianne, but I'm right, right?), and her etsy shop is an analog dreamscape. Check out her blog and shop.
For the Easily Distracted

Marie runs one of my favorite jewelry shops on etsy. I love her work so much, I've asked her to send me some of her work in barter for sponsoring. I'll be the first to tell you the money for sponsoring on my blog goes to giveaways, but I can't help but spoil myself with her amazing pieces. Let's just say each month I look forward to her sponsoring ;) I love her shop and I'm always looking for constant updates to see what she has.

The love doesn't stop there. I love Kate's work, I've featured in so many times and had a few giveaways with The Flapperdoodle girls, I'm thinking Kate needs to get her own blog label. She has tote bags, stationery, prints, and lots of charming goodies in her etsy shop.

Liz has quite the keen eye for outfits and she incorporates vintage pieces in her look. She decided to take that a step further and open up Little Gray Suitcase. Everything sells out quick, too, but be sure to get what you can at LGS.

Vivianna runs PolkaDotRobot with a group of other women in San Francisco. Not only do I know and trust Vivianna's work (I own a couple pieces and LOVE them), but she's one of the hardest working women with two needles I know. PDR's stuff is cute, and the quality is amazing.

Go visit and say hello!

Digital scraps by Pugly Pixel. All photos used are owned by shop owners.

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