Diana and her Six Confessions

D is for Diana

originally seen here. i wanted to play along, too.

1. i love internet memes. everything from the classic lolcat to the forever alone guy, i seriously love them. my homepage for a few years was ytmnd and it eventually crashed my PC before I switched to Apple. When i was in the hospital i was really bummed i missed out on the james van der beek meme, and #britosmash. Memes ftw.

2. i don't have that many clothes or shoes. i'm okay with that. i can proudly fit at least three fingers in between my hangers in my walk in closet. the clothes i do purchase i absolutely love.

3. speaking of clothes, i don't like trendy places like forever 21. i know those stores are popular, but to me, they look and fit so cheaply, and it seems like they fall apart by the time i walk out the door. that's just me, though. if they sold 100% cotton, or pure silk, etc., I'd change my mind.

4. i have skin disorders. when i'm in the sun, i look like a pizza, thanks to photoallergic eruption. i'm also allergic to polyester. that's why vintage and thrift shopping is so frustrating for me. whenever i purchase a pretty new silk or cotton dress or top, i have to rip out the lining because it's most likely lined in polyester. i did score a 100% cotton dress that fits perfectly from red velvet. there is hope!

5. i smile a lot during tv, or listening to music, or going online. i'm not aware of it often. i look like a creep.

6. my first published work was in jr high in a book of poetry. it was angry and so angst-ridden, my parents laughed at it.