Unsung Hero

Hannah Lenore is a woman I've never met, yet one of the women I highly admire. I don't have the gift of being a missionary, but I do have the love for the people who do. I have yet to meet a woman that will give up working in the fashion industry for fame and money with two fashion degrees and leave the U.S. to work in Africa. Anyone with this caliber of love for people is a hero to me.  She's teaching the women of Amani Ya Juu tribe to sew for them to find work after training. 

Hannah has a shop up with limited edition designs below, and I was happy to grab one of her tops (modeled by the lovely Iris of i-zilla the terrible). All funds go to her missionary work in Africa.
Her sister Ashley is pretty amazing, too, and a model for the ever popular Liberia Dress
Hannah's raising money to leave for Africa in two weeks. If her story spoke to you, too, you can support her by shopping (retail therapy with heart), or donate directly
All photos from Hannah's website.
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