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Chocolate and Cream Cake

I love reading gadget blogs based on all things "nerdy"- tech news, comics, sci fi, video games, Star Wars, and other geekery. It can get overwhelming at times. Mandy is the blogger behind Chocolate&CreamCake, one of my favorite blogs. It's a mixture of lifestyle, love, Star Wars, geek and cute.  I've noticed if I have a hard time catching up on all the gadget and geek blogs, I can always depend on her Nerd News posts to update me. If this isn't your favorite subject, no worries, Mandy's blog is a treat.

nerd news on chocolate&creamcake

Just like you and I, Mandy's blog is based on a creative outlet. Working as a copy editor and writer for a non-profit, blogging a great escape from the mundane. What I love about her is she blogs what she loves, even if it's not popular amongst the blogging community. Out of all the geeky blogs out there, it's hard to find someone that blogs from someone you can relate to (sorry, but I can't relate to Peter Rojas on a any personal level). 

When I read a blog, I want it to read like I'm invited like someone's home to hang out at and chat, and with Mandy's blog, I feel I can be ultimate nerdy self with no judgement (I know you don't judge, but I also know not everyone is as upset as I am about the Lord of the Rings trilogy on Blu-ray without the extended version. Hear me now?) 

Check out Mandy's blog and say hello! Even if you're not into geekery, you may be surprised on your visit and want to stay longer.

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