Nintendo Celebrates 25 Years in NYC

(This post is dedicated to Aline, the ultimate Nintendo enthusiast)

Nintendo Store 2
Nintendo is celebrating half a century of fun! Technically they've been around since 1889 as a game card company, turned toy company, turned electronic game company. I didn't realize just how old I was until I remembered my first Nintendo- it was the first time the NES system was released in American in 1986 and I was five years old. My parents told me technically it was everyone in the family, but I was very confident my 6 month old brother at the time would have no use for it. Out of all the games consoles I've owned (bless you Dreamcast, Sega, PS3, Xbox and even Nintendo's Wii), nothing beats old school gaming. 
The World of Nintendo store is in Times Square in NYC, and I got a little snap happy. There was a museum of the history of the company, and lots of oddities. Here are some of my favorites from the visit
This was the original Gameboy used in the Gulf War. After a bomb hit the area where it was, it's still in perfect working condition. So crazy. As for the soldier who owned it, the status is unknown. 

Nintendo Store 13
Mario shaped Legos!!
Nintendo Store 9
Handmade hand-held silk fans
Nintendo Store 6
Nintendo quilt!
Nintendo Store 17
King Koopa backpack
Nintendo Store 15
The store even has it's own Pokemon section, it has a lifesize Pikachuuuuuu!
Nintendo Store 4
Nintendo Store 16
Even Wario and Waluigi make an appearance
Nintendo Store 19
You can see more photos of the store here. If you have a chance to visit the NYC store, it's a lot of fun if you appreciate the nostalgia of childhood (if you're an 80's baby especially). Are you a Nintendo fangirl, too?