my name is and i turn two today!

(Actually it's more like next week, but I'm so excited for this, I couldn't wait).

Happy Birthday Blog

A year ago I wrote this post on my one year blog anniversary. I'm not taking back anything I said, for the record, but reading back on it now, I cringe. Seriously. I had no idea I sounded so pretentious and arrogant. The part that blows me away is you guys still loved me through my rant.  I mean, who was I to judge anyone based on what they blogged about? When I wrote that I was still learning a lot about blogging, what community really is, and what social networking has become for me. What I've learned is ultimately, blogging is a form of expression, not just information. Too bad it's taken me two years to learn that.

I have no idea what is going on in people's lives. For all I know posting about pretty shoes may be someone's happiest part of their day, and I don't want to be that one person who says it's not good enough for a blog. I'm really grateful you guys said nothing but lovely words (or maybe you didn't read it? ha!) because I don't think I could have an explanation for being so smug. Lesson learned, love is all you need or something like that :)

Blog Kindles Giveaways

For my one year anniversary, I gave away a Diana Mini camera (I've actually given a few, but it's time to retire this). This year, after saving all sponsor funds, and feeling extra generous, I want to give away something that has changed my literary life. I'd like to give away (in Oprah voice) a Kindle! This item is the one gadget I've used more than my phone. It really has changed my love for reading, and I'd love to share the same with you.

Since my blog is turning 2, I'd like to giveaway (in louder Oprah voice) TWO Kindles. One this month and one next month! There is only one requirement to enter: Since this is a blog giveaway, I'd appreciate it if the entries were readers of my blog. All you have to do is fill out this giveaway form. Giveaway is closed. Thank you everyone for entering! I'll also be giving away a few books when your shiny new Kindle arrives! And yes, all those e-book haters can enter, too ;) Best to you, and remember, spread the word! It's a party and everyone's invited!

Thanks to Pugly Pixel for the cake and the bows!