Kindle Love (and giveaway #2)

Thank you everyone who entered the last giveaway! It was overwhelming at how many people wanted the Kindle, but I was also a little confused. Some of the blogs I visited, had the pledge to read only printed books, and I even had comments about how awful of a giveaway it is to not support books. That's okay, everyone has their opinion about it, and here's mine.

People are afraid of anything new. I felt the same way about digital reading at first. However, when I discovered students and other people reading on their ipods, iphones, and reading Kindle's in grocery lines, and other places you wouldn't catch a person reading, I realized it wasn't about the books, it was about literature. If you love reading as much as I do, I don't want to discriminate against the idea of reading and snub other forms of literature. Technology will always be there, growing. My love of books hasn't changed since I've had my Kindle, I will always have that affair with printed words. My love for reading has dramatically changed since I've gone digital. I don't think I've found a happier hobby when not reading (although photography is buckets of fun, too). So here's to more reading, in any form! :)

Blog Kindles Giveaways

Sonya was the winner for the first giveaway and since the second one is still up for grabs, enter here Giveaway is over! Thanks everyone for entering! Since chose who gets the first Kindle, I thought I'd have a librarian friend read the best answers for her to help me choose :) Remember, this is still a celebration of my 2 year bloggiversary, so loyal readers only, please and thank you. Best of luck to you! <3

(Thank you to Carly for sending me these hilar Oprah show animated .gifs!)
(another thank you to Pugly Pixel for providing the pretty bow for the Kindle!)