Hospital Visit and Kittens


This is Diana’s husband, Scott. If you follow Diana on Twitter, you might know that Diana was admitted to the hospital on New Years Day. Unfortunately, it wasn’t for alcohol poisoning, getting in a bar fight, accidentally lighting a firework in her hand, or any of the other crazy things I’m sure ER doctors see in the early mornings of New Years. It was for an inflamed pancreas. Apparently when you go to the ER they can check the pain levels in your blood; most people are at 4,000—Diana was at 46,000—so if any of you women readers out there have ever given birth to an elephant (who just happened to have on spiked underpants), you might know her pain.

The good news she is much better today. Most likely a gallstone leaked out of her gallbladder, and this set her pancreas on fire. Today she had an MRI done to examine her pancreas. This will let the doctors know if anything is still blocking her—well I’m not sure what the technical word is, but the doctor kept calling it the “pancreas nipple.” If something is still in her “pancreas nipple” then they’ll stick a scope down on Monday to get it out. If there is no nipple blockage, then they’ll do surgery to remove the gallbladder. If all goes well, she will be home middle of this week (also, I really hopes at least one person finds this post by Googling the phrase "sexy pancreas nipple.")

She isn’t up to visitors or phone calls, but she likes looking at emails on her phone throughout the day, and I’m sure would appreciate your words should you wish to send them.

I guess this is the first official blog post of the New Year for Diana. I don’t want Diana to go down as the kill joy blogger of 2011, so I’ll end this post on a good note by posting adorable pictures of Kittens in Halloween costumes. People like pictures, and I look forward to seeing comments here that acknowledge the photos, but fail to take notice that I actually wrote anything.

I'll try and hijack Diana's Twitter account over the next few days to keep all of you posted.

All Ready for a Cutesy Kitten Calendar

Unhappy rabbit.

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