For Slow Readers: Finny

Finny by Justin Kramon

The new book for the Slow Readers Book club will be Finny by Justin Kramon. The reason we chose this book is because it's a coming of age book (which we can all relate to), Justin is a first time author and we love the idea of supporting a young author.

From Publisher's Weekly, "In his impressive debut, Kramon takes on a number of familiar coming-of-age plots--smalltown fish-out-of-water adolescence, frustrated first love, boarding school friendships, big city escapes--and pulls it all off with flair and humor. A 14-year-old misfit in her Maryland hometown, Finny Short is sent to boarding school by her conservative parents soon after acting on a crush on mysterious boy-next-door Earl. At posh Thorndon, she finds an unlikely best friend in Judith, a beautiful heiress who thinks nothing of catching a ride in Peter Jennings's car; together, Earl and Judith prove unexpectedly influential throughout Finny's teenage years, as well as her passage through college. Kramon is at his best sending up Finny's innocence by means of an endearing, Dickensian coterie of side characters like androgynous dorm matron Poplan and Earl's father, a narcoleptic pianist who falls asleep in the middle of performances. Combining snappy dialogue, frank attention to sex, and convincingly detailed characters--eccentric and sympathetic, but not sentimental--Kramon is clearly a find." We think it's a winner and hope you can all enjoy it!

I know I haven't been good at updating my reviews, actually I haven't been much of a slow reader, more like an avid quick reader. My goal for the book club was to slow down and enjoy the book. I'm going back to the foundation of why I wanted this to begin with. I'm currently reading more than five books, and it's really frustrating, I mix up characters, plots, and even author's first names with last names. I'm going to be more adamant of adding to the book club, not just on my blog but on the forum as well.
As always, with every new book club announcement, there's a giveaway of the book! Just let me know what your nickname (no emails, please) on the forumis below in the comment section, and I'll choose a winner on Monday so you can get started right away! Giveaway closed! Thanks for entering. Have a great weekend!