I'm can go two ways here- either being completely terrified of 2011, starting with my horrendous surgery. Will it be a horrible spiral to what the rest of the year brings? Or I can shift the other direction and say 2011 is the best year I've had and it's barely begun. I've had the opportunity to go through something uncomfortable, but the worst is over, right?! *Cue the anxiety for my future*

The other day I was finally able to go outside and try to walk. I almost cried, it was such a surreal feeling. Yes, tears over the gravel and cement. Maybe it was the painkillers but seeing daylight made me feel like I almost glittered like Edward when he's in the sun, but in a good way. Little things (like a shower!) are appreciated more than ever. Bath sponges from husbands sound fun and sexy, but not when healing from being cut open. After this experience, this is really a start to appreciating life, as cliché as it sounds. Being terrified really humbles a person.

I also would like to say thank you again for all of your thoughts, well wishes, prayers, emails. I'll be finally getting back to comments and emails this weekend, and a new Slow Readers Book to start your weekend!! (come back tomorrow). I had so many plans and ideas to blog the past two weeks, I'm behind, but so happy to get back to normal, in the best way possible, healthier and ready for a new year.