24 Books in 2011


Goodreads (a website to help digitally document your library) has a goal every member can participate in- set a reading goal for 2011. I've seen some members who have determined to read 2,011 books in 2011. I don't even think I've read that many books in my lifetime, including textbooks, and I consider myself an avid reader. After examining my priorities and my time, I set a realistic goal of 24 books for 2011. That's 2 books per month. Every year I read triple that amount, but since I'm slowing down to read one book at a time (i can tell it's going to get antsy), I know can do it. I want to divulge in the quality of the book, rather than check off the number of books I've read for bragging rights (it's the curse of the elitist academic). 

I began my year with Finny by Justin Kramon. It's the new book for The Slow Readers Book Club (if you're not familiar with the Slow Readers, read the information on this page- it has nothing to do with your speed of reading, but rather indulging and spoiling yourself in the slow movement). I don't want to spoil the book for anyone, but it was a beautiful story. I read it in 4 days! I caught myself laughing at Finny, but there were times her tragedy dug a little deeper than I expected and caught myself in tears, too. I hope other  members are almost finished with the book, I can't wait to discuss it on the forum. 
January Books
Emma Wallace sent me a fun book to read, A Crooked Kind of Perfect. I thought I'd finish this book by then end of January, but it was so charming, I finished it in one day. The book was hilarious, and I was literally LOL'ing at the waiting room in the doctor's office. It's 200 pages, some of the chapters are literally one line long, so it makes reading go by quicker. It was an easy read with a hopeful ending. This is just what I needed to read after a stressful week- Thank you, Emma!
My next book- The Neverending Story. Of course it's going to be better than the movie. Did anyone read it?
I may be a quick reader, but I love reading one book at a time. It reminds me of reading when I was growing up, where you didn't pay attention to anything else but the book that was in front of you. Although it wasn't a book, it was a different world. The challenging goal has helped me appreciate my love for reading even more. Cheesy but true! How's everyone's reading goals for 2011?
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