NYC Pics: Desserts

I couldn't help it. Not only did I take a ton of photos while on vacation last month, but I took photos of food. I have a ton more photos, but these were my favorite desserts below.

From Magnolia Bakery Magnolia Bakery Cupcake Vanilla

I don't remember where this was from, but it was delicious

I was introduced to Babycakes bakery by Becka from Bliss in a Teacup and her husband Richard. They were equally as sweet and lovely as the lemon spelt cupcake. Babycakes Lemon Spelt Cupcake

This is the BEST flan I've ever had. We came to NYC on our honeymoon and this was the first restaurant we ate together as husband and wife. For the last three years, we sometimes mention the flan like as if it was an urban legend. It's at Mama Mexico's if ever have a chance to visit, please do. The entree's are equally delicious.

Sorry to be such a tease with all this yummy food. Trust me, I'd share if I could ♥