Impossible USA Offices (NYC)

When strolling SoHo in NYC last month, Impossible USA offices was on the agenda. I was really grateful to have the opportunity to visit the offices and check out the gallery. I didn't meet Anne Bowerman that day (I'll meet you one day, Anne!), but I did meet Frank Love. He's the Frank that does all the tutorials and videos for Impossible. After much help, I walked out with my very own refurbished SX70 Polaroid.

New Camera from Impossible USA_

I felt like I learned more about instant photography and Polaroids in that visit than I had since I began shooting 8 years ago. They just opened up an office in Tokyo, and I'll be stopping by in March to check out that gallery as well.

Impossible NYC 1
Impossible NYC 3
Impossible NYC 6

If ever having the chance to visit the gallery and the offices, I recommend it. With extremely helpful service, I realized they have the highest expectations of instant photography, and they want their customers to feel the same. I may have left with my own camera, but I walked more with a better appreciation of watching everything they do and have done. The Impossible USA team is a pioneer in instant photography.