Blog Love: An E- Course

Everyone experiences the blogging blah's. Mine have lasted longer than I wanted to. I don't plan on blogging forever (or so I say) but while I take the time to keep this up, I want to do it with the same fervor I did when I first began. I love blogging, and I love you, but sometimes I feel overwhelmed with my blog. Either too many ideas and I don't know how to organize them, or thinking twice of my ideas, not having the confidence to post my content, worried if it'll be "original" enough. You know, that voice of doubt we all have in the back of our heads. I've gotten too comfortable and as much as I love this blog, I feel I've lost a bit of my voice in this.

Blog Love ECourse

This is the perfect time for Elsie to launch her Blog E-Course. She's like the blogging fairy godmother I've been waiting for. I've taken her Retro Beauty School Class and her Photo Journal Class, and she's a great teacher, more like you're sitting with her in a (via an Internet) coffee shop. This class is so in depth, it's a fresh breath of (virtual) air. I feel energized, confident and reminded why I began my blog in the first place- to share my voice.

Sign up here, and if you still have some questions, she takes care of that, too. Thanks, Elsie! ♥