ViviDot + Our City Lights= CUTE!

Vivi Dot is one of my favorite online shops, and Molly is of course, one of my favorite people. I've blogged about Molly's work here and here. When she asked me to do a business collaboration with her, I was floored. I was so flattered she loved my photography enough to represent her brand and I too, the same. Introducing Vivi Dot's Polaroid Necklaces!

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Item description: Vivi Dot has handmade polaroid necklace featuring some of my prints. The photo is printed on high quality photo paper and pressed into a a 1-inch 'dot.' The dot hovers inside a specially designed polaroid frame made of laser cut, blonde bamboo. The charm is connected to a 17" antiqued brass chain with a lobster clasp. You'll receive a 4x6 post card print along with your matching necklace!

This is very exciting, Molly has worked (and I only say actually worked because I just snapped the pic while she handmade each necklace) on these for a while now. They were a hit at her craft fairs and I think you guys will like them, too.

 Polaroid Necklace

Anaheim Polaroid Necklace

Book Lover's Polaroid Necklace

Ice Cream Polaroid Necklace  

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I did get to test these out a couple months ago and I love them. I've received compliments on them but kept mum as to when they'd be available and so happy I have some bragging rights. Plus they are charming on their own merit, my photo or not!

You can purchase the necklaces here.