Sponsor (and friend): A Spoonful of Love

When someone's first line introducing yourself to the world is "I am a lover of books…" there's a good chance I'm a already their friend. Shawni Marie, however, is likable on her own merit, lover of books or not. Her blog is so candid and amiable, I found myself relating to her right away. Her blog is about her life, what she loves, and her crafts. She began blogging very much for the reason you began blogging- to express herself to the world. She found a community full of crafty women who share much more than a blog. She's built friendships along the way (including from me) but her writing is engaging, it's hard to not be swayed by her sweet nature.

A Spoonful of Love

A Spoonful of Love

She's also opening up her first easy shop- handmade bookmarks. I love her idea behind the shop, "For me, my favorite thing about the bookstore was finding the perfect book, and then a beautiful bookmark to accompany it. So I set out to create my own." She sent me one recently and I love mine.


She doesn't have her shop open yet, but I'll let you know when it opens up.

Instead of commenting here, go say hello to Shawni Marie. Have a great Monday ♥