Blogsitting: The Dead Format

Cesar curates The Dead Format, a blog full of Polaroid magic, and he captures his daily life with a shot a day. He's one of the few genuine analog enthusiasts and one of my favorite blogs. Read on as to see why.

Slide projector
Hi guys. I was very honored when my friend Diana asked me to write a guest blog post on her blog while she's in New York. She encouraged me to start my own blog and now I'm happy to be contributing to her amazing blog.
I've prepared a little slide show based on my Kodachrome slide collection. Most of my collection are slides taken by an elderly couple of their various travels in the mid to late sixties. Today you will be looking at a series taken on a trip to France in May of 1967. The various historical landmarks have not changed much since the 60's. So I tried to focus more on the people and vehicles of the time so you can get a feel for what France was like during that era. These slides are over 40 years old. I tried to get most of the dust off before scanning and it didn't help that my cat laid on top of them when I wasn't paying attention. I hope you enjoy the slideshow! Oh and I highly recommend viewing it in HD and in fullscreen mode.

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