Blogsitting: Paige from Prone to Wander

Paige from Prone to Wander astounds me a bit. I'm 29, she's...16. Yes, normally being friends with someone with this age difference is borderline creepy and just the thought of it would annoy me. However, Paige is not your average teenager. She may have been born later, but she's an old soul with a heart of gold. Read on why she's amazing.

So, I'm not going to lie, when talking to Diana about what she wanted in a guest post she gave me a green light to do just about anything and it completely intimidated me. The post ideas were literally endless, and nothing was standing out to me as worthy of a post. Can you tell I've never done this before? Well, after an embarrassingly long amount of time trying to pick a topic, it hit me like a giant billboard that just says "DUH!" on it. Mail.

I love mail and I have roughly (I guess I should do a recount someday soon) 35 penpals so to be able to talk a bit about my love for the forgotten art, outside of my own blog (where they all already know and are probably sick of hearing about it) is nothing short of a joy for me.
I started getting seriously into letter writing in roughly, May of this year. I posted a short blog about looking for some new penpals and expected maybe 4 or 5 people to write in and be my new snail mail friends...the number was a lot closer to 30. What started as a love of letter writing quickly turned into so much more than I could have ever expected.

With time I've come to love the relationships I make with people across the world. People I'll likely never meet face to face, but would trust with my life--as they know so much about it. I've come to love the decorating each envelope in a different and unique way, getting ideas from every creative, new, incoming letter and even trying my hand at making the envelopes myself  (not starting with a plain white one). Of course, there is so much more than that--but since I can't provide a visual aid for amazing relationships, I thought I'd include just a few of my favorite incoming letters.

 This one is one of my favorites because of the way everything is so perfectly placed.
 I love that she cut from a book for this one--it was so perfectly done. Even the back had little ducky details.
 This one is so complex and visually appealing.
 I love this one's simplicity with the big butterfly stamp. It's only about 2x2 inches.
1. This is just a generally awesome envelope. 2. I think myself to be a modern day Nancy Drew so this envelope made me scream with delight upon receiving it.  
There were so many to choose from and I actually scanned way more than I posted because I figured that Diana didn't want a 10 mile long post on her blog so I really tried to cut it down to 5. In short? Mail is so fun and incredible. Whether you're just sending someone a nice gift, quick note, 10 page letter, or a post-it that says "I love you", mail brings so much happiness to the sender and receiver. And, unlike an email, you can hold your mail in your hands. You can save it for years and look back on it whenever you want (without losing it underneath new social networking update emails). Long live the tangible.
P.S.-I couldn't help but include one of my favorite things Diana has ever sent me. It's so weird and depressing and amazing. In case you can't read it, it says "I'm out of my mind with loneliness. Stay with me."
Do you have any penpals?
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