Blogsitting: Danielle from Biscuit Blog

Danielle from Biscuit Blog is not like any blogger I know. She goes against the tide of the blogesphere and with controversial topics that make others think, or stir emotions. Thankfully, after reading her blog, there's always a sense of joy, and her posts always bring a sense of a vivacity to the blogging community.

This is a topic not many women want to mention and of course, leave up to Danielle to discuss it. Enjoy!

5 reasons Why You Shouldn't Wash Your Hair for a Month.


here is my hair a month ago.

now, i am not going to say this will work for everyone (especially those with longer hair) but you never know until you try, right?

over a month ago diana asked me to guest blog for her and i needed something that shouted "this girl is crazy! but i like her!"

so i didn't wash my hair for a MONTH. yes.. a whole month.
it was VERY easy. i promise.

here are 5 reasons you should restrain yourself from ticking open the shampoo bottle.

- Coarse, curly or dense hair can go quite long without washing because that type of hair is more dry and absorbs more oil.

- You don't HAVE to wash your hair everyday. Experts say washing your hair is psychological, that we don't want to be "dirty" (Of course if your hair actually is dirty, no one is suggesting you shouldn't wash it. But how "dirty" are you really getting if all you're doing is going to and from the office every day?)

- There is some speculation among stylists that drying your scalp out every day with shampoo prompts it to compensate by making more oil, and if you stop washing your hair every day eventually your scalp will adjust.

- You spend about 4 minutes in front of the mirror doing your hair every morning instead of an hour.

- Not ONE person knew about this (except my best friend Amy) and she could tell on the 30th day.. other than that. No one EVER noticed.


If truth is beauty, how come no one has their hair done in the library? - Lily Tomlin