A Travel Playlist


Scott and I are taking a few days to NYC. I'm excited for all the photo ops, shopping, and spending time with my husband. I'm not excited for the traveling part. I wish NYC could come to me, ha! Just thinking about it my chest becomes tight, my heart beats like it's about to burst out of my body, I sweat like I'm running a marathon, and I could barely breathe. In other words, I like staying home.

Music is really beneficial in moments like this. I made a playlist to help me calm down a bit. They are my favorite songs right now and I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. Download Here.

1.Animal- Miike Snow
2.Boyfriend- Best Coast
3.Love Lost- Temper Trap
4.Mouthful of Diamonds- Phantogram
5.Sequins- Abe Vigoda
6.Boy Toy- Starfckr
7.Sweet Disposition- Temper Trap
8.Big Wave- Jenny and Johnny
9.Let’s Get Out of Here- Les Savy Fav
10.Jail La La- Dum Dum Girls

I have some amazing, amazing, amazing guest bloggers that will be blogging daily until I arrive safely. I have a new camera to play with, some Polaroid film packed, a full itinerary, and I "hired" my brothers to take care of my cats and our apartment, so I have the important things down. Now, where's the Xanax? (just kidding, I don't take it, but gosh, it would really come in handy.)

I hope you guys have a great couple of weeks. I'll be back soon! ♥