6,768 Miles Apart {Black & White Film}

Ana B. and I decided to try a different format this time- black and white film. I always picture Ana a perfect frame of femininity and grace, while I'm stumbling on my untied Oxford shoelaces and tangled hair. These photos couldn't represent us more- the light messy leak on my side, and the pristine analog of Ana B. I hope you get a kick out of it as much as I have!

6,768 Miles Apart started in April 2009. Our archives are here and here but our favorites are the Polaroid edition and the Disposable Camera edition. We also love Naomi and Marie from the transatlantic lens project & Adeline and Astrid from Her - Der.

As much as we appreciate all the lovely comments for the first time readers of this project, please read this post. We are aware of 3191- A Year Of Mornings, and this is just a reminder that this is an homage to the original project, inspiring and encouraging us both.