New Slow Readers Book! The Abortion: A Historical Romance

New Slow Readers Book

If you have been following The Slow Readers, you are now aware we have been reading our new book The Abortion by Richard Brautigan, for a couple weeks now. The actual book is out of print, but it's available in another Brautigan set of essays you can get at your library, on Amazonor on Kindle.

The book is about a librarian who works in a library archiving rejected books, and has some quirky fun adventures along the way with his girlfriend. The actual story is less than 200 pages but the book contains a few of his other stories, so don't let the size fool you. The book is "due" Nov 1, and so far, we have been on top of things so far.

One thing the Slow Readers Book Club has taught me is I may not be a slow reader yet, but I don't speed through more than one book at time. I have taken the time to enjoy each book individually, even if I do end up finishing it a day or two.

It's a fun quick read and I'd love to give it away to a reader! Enter only here! Best of luck! Thanks everyone for entering. Giveaway is closed.