Diana vs Household: Making it Green

How to Make a Green Home 2

I wish I could say my way of green living was the energy from our solar power on my rooftop, our lcd screens made out of glass we melted ourselves, and our veggie garden with compost powering up home, and the carbon footprint from getting mail is reduced by strictly email and not ordering a thing from Amazon. Unfortunately, I don't have bragging rights to any of these. I do, however, have the ability to make my home more organically ingenuitive, save money on energy, and be aware of the future consequences on the Earth. I don't want to sound preachy, but being a housewife, for me, is more than just cleaning, it's saving a little bit of Mother Earth everytime I do it.

Yes, I'm sure baking soda and some lemon juice or just the bare minimum should be the only environmentally friendly way to really clean. However, not only do I not have the time or the physical capacity to elbow grease myself to an early death. Plus I don't want to spend all day scrubbing just the shower. The convenience of regular man made chemical products is what kept me away from eco-friendly items- but then again, those chemicals are doing more harm than good. Below are the products that have made my life easier, but double their work as being eco-friendly.

How to Make a Green Home 3

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner- They have no filters to replace, recycle their old vacuums into new ones, packaged with 90% recycled boxes, the motors never exceed 1400 watts, and even if the model is discontinued, Dyson will still have recycled replacement parts for your model.

Bon Ami Scrub- Made with coconut, lemon and palm oils with baking soda, this cleanser is tough enough to scrape the mildew off in the shower but gentle enough to use with all three of my kittens out and about.

Capresso H2O Plus Water Kettle- Did you know using a stove or microwave to boil water uses almost 163% more emission? This kettle has a stainless steel bottom, which makes it boil faster, and if you don't want boiled water, you can see through how warm you want your water to stop it from using more power. Plus, it's stylish. Always a plus.

Energy Star Appliances- Invest in these. The money it will save you one your energy bill will pay off plus more.

Mrs. Meyers Dryer Sheets- I not only love the smell of these, but they are made out of "biodegradable ingredients with a vegetable derivative softening agent with essential oils from non-woven substrate." They smell pretty, not overbearing but most importantly, they work.

Squeaky Green by Eric Ryan- If you are clueless about how to start cleaning green, this is the book to read. The people behind Method, another eco-friendly company, wrote the book and surprisingly it doesn't promote or spam their products as expected. I call it the Green encycolpedia of cleaning. Aline recommended me this book and it started a fire that can't be put out. A green fire. (sorry)

How To Make a Green Home

Seventh Generation Toilet Paper- Recycled TP does not sound glamorous, I know, but remember how I said I was changing everything in my home? Yes, even this. I've tried everything, ask my poor husband, who had to test out some pretty horrible ones. This was a winner.

Dr. Bronner's line- It's supposed to be used for body washes but try this for stain removers. It was really hard to give up my Shout wipes, but alas, the iconic organic brand has no detergents or agents to harm fabrics or our skin.

French Press Coffee- it doesn't use paper filters, you can purchase organic/fair trade coffee with it, and I've mentioned how much I truly love it.

Bissell Little Green Deep Cleaner- Once a month we would rent out one of those huge carpet cleaning monsters and clean our carpet, or rent an actual person who does the carpet. This has saved us money, and the parts are made from post-consumer recycled plastic, the tanks and hose are PVC free and it allows to use your own recipe for your own cleaner. We just use it for quick stains (you know, pets, kids, etc.)

Ecover Dishwashing Tablets- Did you know a dishwasher uses less energy and water than washing the dishes by hand? We use these safe tablets. I read what was in the other tablets and I'm a little disturbed they are cleaned on something we eat off everyday.

Green Genius Biodegradable Trash bags-  I've mentioned them here before and months later, I still love them.

I can go on and on about products in my home from cat litter, to toothpaste, to our frozen compost, but alas, this is just a small start to how I keep up my household. Don't worry, the beauty post will come up soon, too. Overall, i love making my home with natural products. I noticed my allergies not acting up as they normally would, my hands and skin aren't inflamed even with rubber gloves, my home doesn't smell like chemicals, or an overpowering smell to cover up the harsh scent. It smells CLEAN.

Just a disclaimer- I'm not an expert on this, just researched everything I could over the past year and after testing out, this is what is best for my family. It may be expensive but to our family, it's worth every penny to know our current decision won't harm in the future.

So, I think with this round, it's Diana 1, Household 0. (wondering what this is? Read the intro here)

Do you have any favorite organic or eco-friendly household items you love?

*digital scrapbook resources via Pugly Pixel. Information cited by Dyson, Gaynes Labs Inc, and Squeaky Green.