Wreck This Journal

I love printed books, and the printed pages, and knowing how much of a rarity they are becoming, why would I destroy a book? I would think it's a complete insult to the literary world, but this book is not your average book. Wreck This Journal is meant to be just that- destroyed, wrecked, let complete havoc loose on each page in our own creative input. The idea to even rip out a page is completely liberating. We are all conditioned to not tear up a book, or even think the word "destroy" be such a horrible word. 

digital clip art overlay from the lovely katrina from pugly pixel

Justine emailed me asking if I ever got around to do doing the book from a past post, and one of my goals is to go through with blog projects, so why not? I think it'd be fun if you engage in our book destroying adventure as well! Every Sunday we'll post 3-4 pages our projects from the journals.

The giveaway is closed. Thanks everyone who entered!
To give you a chance to get started, I'm offering the book to one blogger who wants to participate. Just leave a comment below with some contact info (to contacted through your Blogger profile, a link, twitter, or an email) and I'll choose a winner on Sunday. To double your chances of winning the book, Justine is giving it away on her blog as well. If you don't want to wait for the giveaway, you may purchase the book here.  Best to you!