I finished the roll to this cute camera. I'm sending it off today, and can't wait to show you how the 110 roll came out.
I'm also working on my Cameras section this weekend. It's been under construction, but since it is actually being constructed, this time I'm serious :)

My friends at Impossible sent me this pack. It's Fade To Black, film that develops overtime to pure black.  The concept seems silly but once you see the photos, the science of the film is genius and the photos are hauntingly beautiful. You can get it here.

Fade To Black Impossible Film

This was also an unexpected gift from Danielle of Dinosaur Toes. Thank you, Danielle! This is PZ Silver Shade film also from Impossible. I can't wait to try this as well.

PZ 600 Silver Shade Impossible Film

PZ Silver Shade Impssible Film

This is one of the cutest packages I've seen. Impossible collaborated with Milk X Magazine for their 4 year anniversary, and the results are just as fun as the film. You can find out more about Milk X 4th Edition here.

Milk X 4th Edition Impossible Film

Milk X 4th Edition Impossible Film 4

I can't wait to try these, but I'm a little nervous. I have a few packs of 600 Polaroid film left, but I'm a little intimidated from the Impossible film. I can use the Polaroid film with such fervor, but the Impossible film I'm extra cautious with for some reason. Am I alone in this? I'll be posting results!

So, that's my weekend. What are you doing?