Introduction: Erin Sunday

How exciting to revive Introductions, a little series I used to update frequently with my favorite photographers, bloggers and artists.

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I'm happy to begin the series again with Erin Sunday. Besides Erin's sublime photos, I noticed something unique about them.  Out of all the hundreds of pictures my mind is swimming in, Erin's photos stand out. I think while most photographers try to bring a little bit of themselves in the photo, they still have anonymity and hide behind the lens. Erin's photos seemed like they have a sense of vulnerability to them, a sense of earnest appeal with her creative spirit. I wanted to discover a little more about Erin, what inspires her and was very happy she offered up her time to answer some questions for me.

Erin 1

when did you first pick up a camera?
I couldn't give you an exact age. Some of my earliest memories involve my mom dressing my sisters and I up in matching outfits, taking us to cute locations, and snapping photos of us with a disposable camera. (I have a feeling that she would have loved to be a photographer [like my dad] but couldn't afford a decent camera.) Every once in a while, I was allowed to take a photo or two. I don't remember using a non-disposable camera until about 2004, when I was 19.

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when did you get into photography?
About 3 years ago. I made a friend who had a nice camera and a passion for photography. He tried to teach me things when we saw each other. However, I moved away shortly after we met and, due to life events, didn't have much time to really continue on with it until about a year ago. Since then, my interest has only grown. :)

{my favorite from Erin, her own interpretation of Alex, in the film adaption of A Clockwork Orange}Erin 3

what is your favorite camera?
My favorite camera is the one in my hands. :) I haven't had a lot of experience with different types of cameras, but I sure would like to. Film cameras would definitely be my first choice if I had to choose something to play around with. I shoot with a Nikon D200 right now, but would like a Canon of some type as well.

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what inspires you?
Love, first and foremost. I shoot a lot of family portraits so the love between them is definitely something I strive to capture. I also find inspiration in the idea of making things imagined a reality through a photograph. I have yet been able to do this, but it is a goal. :)

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Thank you, Erin!


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