In The Summertime

Yes, yes, almost every Southern California resident is complaining about the weather. It's been two weeks into Fall and we have yet to feel sweater weather. One of the coolest day I spent in the Summer was when Scott and I traded our laptops for paper and pen, and traded our Apple screens for an ocean view. We didn't do much work, I rode a yacht for the first time and Scott rode a Ferris wheel for the first time. Can you tell we were a bit distracted?

Beach Day 17
Beach Day 14

gratuitous carni shots!

Beach Day 12

Beach Day 11

Yes, I had to record Scott's first time Ferris experience.

I'm blown away by all the response I received on my last post. I'll be getting back to emails and can't wait to reply back to your thoughts. Thanks for the feedback and the encouragement.

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