Girls, Booze & Hollywood

That was my day on Saturday with Cassandra, Vivianna, and (blogless, twitterless, facebookless) Lu. It was fun doing a mini blogger meet up. I'm slowly getting used to these! We spent the morning with bottomless Mimosa's (it sounds like a bad idea but it wasn't), and did some shopping in Hollywood.

Cassandra and Vivianna 2

When you get a group of girls in a MAC store, it's fun times all around.

V and C
I didn't get the artist name, but he was so sweet and reminds me of a pretty version of Conan O'Brien, amiright?

MAC Artist and Lu
Being around all the makeup and loud music made me miss working in a salon again.

Makeup and Lu

As awkward and socially inept as I am, I had a good time and hope to see these girls again one day.