Diana vs Household

Don’t call me suzie-homemaker or housewifey. Especially Domesticated Diva. The only things that are domesticated are dogs. I never thought I would be a married homemaker or married or a homemaker. I came from a home where tradition of the American housewife was unheard of. My mother was a career woman with business meetings, social brunches and charities to plan. She was a rebel in her own culture and I was proud to follow suit.

Diana vs Household 1

After a few bad breakups, and of having an independent spirit, I never believed I would be a wife. Not just a partner in marriage, but have completely different lifestyle.  I really wish I would have taken that Home Economics class in HS, but maybe it would have confirmed that I can’t cook, I can’t clean. The biggest challenge in my life is not finding the meaning of life,  but learning to multitask the cooking and cleaning.

Diana vs Household 5

No, I’m not stupid, you’d think a college educated woman would know how to pick up a sponge or two and scrub away. No, dear readers. This lifestyle, even after two years, is like learning a new language.
I didn’t expect my life to be planned out as this.

Diana vs Household 4

I have worked since I was 13, lived on my own, traveled on my own, paid my own education and rent, yet I don’t know how I ended up asking my husband if I could shop. Actually, I don’t even know how I ended up with a husband. Ten years ago I was planning my life on my own accord, and the words husband and marriage were not in my vocabulary, not even in my future.

Diana vs household 2

Please, I’m not complaining of the way I live. It sounds like a wife complaining of having the luxury to work from home and have a husband take care of me  It may read as a glamorous and privileged, but it’s far from. I love my life, marriage and my husband but I was thrown into this way of living, and not expected the resentments, fears, anger, and joys all at once. It feels like something as simple as a light switch, it was so sudden. I have no idea how I ended up with responsibility so foreign, my own mother could barely help me out, and it was Martha Stewart to the rescue.

As much as I love the idea that I can fit a stereotype devoted to watching Oprah and eating chocolates all day, I’m a little disturbed that I can fit a stereotype devoted to watching Oprah and eating chocolates all day. Of course I don’t sit at home and clip coupons, but with complete solitude, and a mindset of a modern age, it’s difficult to grasp the idea that I am considered a dying traditional way of living for women. Someone out there must know how I feel, right? *crickets??*

And so begins a new-sometimes-regularly-irregular series called, for lack of a better word or phrase, Diana vs The Household, a blog series documenting my trials, and virtues about my life and the unexpected detour of becoming suzie-homemaker. I’ll be looking forward to sharing, and your encouraging commentary is always welcome to help my adventure.