This is Not a Fashion Post

Fashion is not a word associated with my blog. I love fashion and admire stylish ladies blogging, but my admiration flocks to the unexpected fashion icons.

For example, I think Mr. Rogers is ideal for iconic fashion. Yeah, it's a little strange, but keep in mind, this is probably why I'm not a fashion blog, ha! Another example? Peggy Bundy from Married With Children (fact: I was never allowed to watch this show growing up, but always remember Peg's outfits when switching channels). Seriously. Leggings, long tunics, bodysuits, red hair, wide belts, and pumps (not heels, pumps)? Plus, gold lamé, leopard print, martinis, and high hair. ICON, people, ICON
Below is what I believe Peggy would wear today. From the leggings to the styling products to keep her hair high, the Bump-its for the beehive, and the red enhancing shampoo for her striking colored hair. 
Peggy Bundy
So tell me, who is your unexpected fashion icon?