Superheadz Harikin

super wide

I've been eyeing the Harikin Slim Camera Ultra Wide Lens for some time now. After seeing Erika's photography with the camera, it was a camera I really wanted to try. There are different colors available, but I chose gold. It's the cutest packaging I've ever had for a camera, and one of the lightest cameras I've owned.

super wide 2

It takes 35mm film, and I used basic 200 speed, but the film developed as if I cross processed it with slide film.


You can check out the rest of the photos from this roll here. I think this is a fun camera, and comparing it to other toy cameras, I think it's much sturdier than most plastic cameras, lighter, and much less expensive.

Mind the Details I did a guest post on Ciao, Chessa! sharing some Polaroid Spectras. Monica, photographer and now new mom, needed a bit of a blog break and very happy to help her out! Read the post here.