4 Simple Goals


I'm doing myself a favor and following Elsie's 4 Simple Goals. When I think of goals, I cringe at the idea. The way Elsie formatted the meme was just that, simple. Goals tend to also be very depressing- expectations are not met and not only do I give up, but I get in a downward spiral of meh feelings and I think I found the solution. Not only will my readers and friends keep me accountable for my goals, but there are only 4, and very simple to reach my ultimate goals


1. I love walking at night with Scott, but it's not enough. I have an elliptical and weights in my living room that go dusty for a few days. If I keep waiting longer, it'll slowly turn into a very expensive coat hanger. 40 minutes a day is my goal (plus the nightly walks I take with my husband).

2. I work from home and I need a cleaner office. I'm always saying I'm going to organize it, but no more excuses. I deserve a better work space, it'll make me more productive and less stressed.

3. The bad part of working from home? I'm always working. I can't say no to projects and I have forgotten how to relax that doesn't include work related things (even camera adventures make me think of work, yikes). I'd like to work on hobbies than just work!

4.  When it comes to doing something blog related, I'm always late, hurried, or wait too long to never do it. Once a week, I'd like to go through with one thing I committed to.

If you'd like to participate, you can read the original post here.
Have a good Friday!

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