Retro Beauty School

I've been through beauty school myself (fact: I didn't pass my cosmetology test the first time, I was an awkward nervous mess, but I passed with full points the second time), but I just signed up for another type of beauty school- Elsie's Retro Beauty School.

I've always wanted to take one of Elsie's tutorial classes, and really excited to take this one. I'm in a bit of a style drab, and she stole my heart at "1960's bump", you know how I feel about the beehive. There are ten tutorials in the class, and with my freelance schedule full this Summer (not complaining, just sayin'), I don't have time for more deadlines, and this class welcomes students to define their own pace. Sign me up! Click on the photo below to sign up with me. 

beauty school photo via Elsie Flannigan
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