Lists are the new autobiographies. If you ever want to know anything about a person, look at their lists- their favorites, their desire where to travel, the taste in music, even their to-do lists. I love making lists; they give a better perspective to my day, my goals, my growth, and keeps me accountable if I go public with them.

If there was a science to making lists, I'd be studying lists, not the science of libraries. I love making lists, and fascinated at the neuroeconomics behind list making. I even go as far as organizing my lists sometimes  and just recently decided I needed to revive my old Listography account. 
If you are not familiar with Listography, they are a set of journals and a website dedicated to just that- lists. It's a bit organized than just strung together. Using my lists as an example- there are ongoing lists that are not finished, and main lists. You can also add favorites to keep up with others or just be inspired by their goals. There's a topic generator if you're in the mood for list making and not sure what topic to list. I would love to see everyone's list (I even got avid list maker Vivianna to join!) 
If you join, let me know in the comment below and I'd love to see your list on
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